Consciously Creating YOUR Life!

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Are you ready to Consciously Create YOUR Life?

Are you feeling Stuck?  Uninspired?  Unsure of what to do or where to go next?  YOU are in good company!  Many women feel this way…and often at many points in their lives!  It is time to level up!  Level up to the space where you feel truly deserving of abundance and happiness…the space where you can really shine your light and Consciously Create YOUR life!

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Teacher and International Psychic Medium…but she wasn’t always living a Consciously Created Life!

Sam spent many years trying to fit in to boxes…trying to live up to what she thought were other people’s expectations…trying to fight the Universe to live a life that she was not meant to live.  It did not work very well!  Working long hours and emptying her wellness reservoir to put other’s first, Sam got a wake up call that would change her life forever!  Sam was hit by an impaired driver and through months and years of healing, Sam began the journey of Consciously Creating her life and living in alignment with her true purpose!



Love from Sam’s Co-Creators

Sam is warm, caring and very gifted.Her classes are informative, powerful and relaxed. She made me feel so comfortable, which allowed for maximum learning and growth! Thank you Sam for sharing your beautiful gifts and helping others.”

I have the pleasure of working with Sam through coaching and mentorship and she’s wonderful! As a gal who has been working with spirit since a child, it’s taken me many years to be become comfortable with my true purpose in life. With Sam and her compassionate coaching and teaching, I now feel confident in being able to fully fulfill my purpose in serving both human and animal spirit. Thank you SamThank you!!”

Marybeth H.

“Sam is a god send. She has a special gift to help effectively sort through life’s challenges. I sincerely would not recommend anyone else” 

Juliellen S.