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Niagara Falls Chapter

Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of the month at 11am – 1pm at Doc MaGilligans on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls. (Visit website for information and directions) These meetings are for members only, due to the confidential nature of the discussion.

Thank you Forever Frozen by Fluke Photography for the member headshots.

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Meet our Members

Sam Black Coaching Solutions
Sam Black

Sam Black is Creative Visionary behind Consciously Creating and has a passion for helping others explore the gifts that they have inside and help them shine to the world! Operating from the belief that everyone has these gifts and only need the right environment to help them develop, Sam helps her clients see their possibilities in their lives, relationships and businesses! Sam is a Master Coach, Teacher and International Intuitive! With a background in education, social work and over 20 years in direct sales, combined with her strong intuitive skills, Sam offers a unique ability to touch on the various facets of business and connecting with others.

Miles for Smiles Alternative Solutions
Laura Canal 

Laura Canal is the founder of Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions and is a Certified Reflexologist, Energy Healer, Astro-Numerologist, Transformational Coach and Psychic Medium.  Laura has been creatively combining traditional sessions for an ultimate unique experience.  She has inspired many individuals by her teachings, Under the Oak Tree.  Laura has a gift to serve humanity by getting to the root of each individuals journey and unlock their “Limitless Potential”.  Laura’s experience in the service industry and education in the medical field has given her a unique ability to relate to clients needs and share her wisdom to help them evolve.

Gypsy’s Soul
Roxanne Connors

Roxanne Connors is and Intuitive and the owner and creator of Gypsy’s Soul. As a self taught seamstress, who loves working with vintage fabrics and materials, Roxanne and creates custom made and handcrafted items, such as tote Antero bags, memory and regular pillows, blankets, quilts and alterations. Creating new and unique items and gifts that people can use and make them happy is a passion for Roxanne and her items are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. In addition to her creations, Roxanne uses her intuition and connection with Spirit to help clients on their journey and to find healing and insight.

Bee Goodies
April Dicy
Facebook Business Page

April Dicy began Bee Goodies as a work from hone business, as a young stay at home Mom. What began as something that gave her a little extra money and freedom has developed to a business where you can purchase quality Bee Goodies at a great price! Bee Goodies are natural and simple products with health benefits for those who use them.  April is proud to offer love infused Bee Goodies, providing them to those who appreciate the hard work of these little Bee Creatures

Happy Humans By Melissa
Melissa Elsie

Melissa Elsie is the creator of Happy Humans by Melissa, a space to bring your level of humanness that makes you the happiest!  Melissa has enjoyed a professional career in the Health and Fitness Industry since 2002 and her passion is helping all people enjoy a better quality of life!  Melissa has a gift for helping through patience and ability to see and think outside of the box as she helps to fill the world with happy humans.  Melissa is a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, a Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Life Coach and is able to help her clients overcome movement limitations, resolve pain issues and provide solutions for for whatever is restricting the lifestyle they want to achieve!  Whether you are looking for short or long term relief or success, Melissa has the solution for you!

Forever Frozen by Fluke Photography
Lisa Fluke

Lisa Fluke is a local Photographer of the Niagara Area. With over 25 years of photography experience and a passion for Fine Art and Nature, Lisa created her own business, Forever Frozen By Fluke Photography. Lisa has expanded her business to include experience in areas such as Website, Product, Portrait and Animal Portrait photography. Lisa has had her Fine Art displayed in different juried exhibits over the years such as, Art in the work place, McMaster Innovation Centre and Priceless Niagara and Chamber of Commerce. Known to capture that natural pose, Lisa’s work has been published in the best selling Canadian author, David Bouchard’s book called The Great Law for the Biography picture of Artist Raymond Skye. 

Steph Psychic Medium and Energy Healer
Stephanie Savoie 
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Stephanie is an incredibly intuitive, Psychic Medium and Empath, who has been known to leave clients in awe with her undeniable ability in providing noteworthy and needed messages. By using her gifts of the “Clair’s”, Stephanie conveys highly evidential information. Over the years she has strengthened her gifts/work with the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Spirit Guides and of course Loved Ones who have passed. Using her fine-tuned gifts of connecting with the spirit world, Stephanie will help you gain clarity and confidence to your own path.

Bunny Webb 

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Bunny is known as the “Charlie to the Angels” of Intuitive Entrepreneurs!  As a Virtual Assistant, Bunny is able to manage business tasks easily and “quick like a bunny” from her remote office.  With over 25 years experience in customer service and administration, Bunny aims to make your life easier!  Bunny’s mission as a Virtual Assistant is to help professionals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential by alleviating the stress of the day-to-day. By taking on the menial and mundane tasks, clients have the ability to focus on serving their community to the best of their abilities and growing their business in the ways they never could have dreamed possible.  As an intuitive herself, Bunny noticed that there were a lot of professionals spending time on things that they didn’t love, taking away from the joys of serving in the ways that they have been called to do. And that is where Bunny comes in, to fill the gap so that you can achieve your goals while living your purpose!

Susan Winning

Susan is a Psychic Medium with a specialty in Tarot reading and Instruction.  With over 25 years experience, Susan has been recognized locally for her ability to share insight and messages, and is well known for her sense of humour and friendly personality.  Susan also has a passion for trance mediumship, for which she is certified and acquired the entity name “Friendship” to assist with her readings.  Susan and her business partner and good friend, Louise Michaud, (known as the “Souls Sisters”) also offer numerous Spiritual events throughout Niagara Region, including their popular semi annual expos at Heartland Forest in Niagara Falls and monthly meditation circles.