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Join these and other entrepreneurs in our online Consciously Creating YOUR Business Mastermind class.

Sam Black Coaching Solutions
Sam Black

Sam Black is Creative Visionary behind Consciously Creating and has a passion for helping others explore the gifts that they have inside and help them shine to the world! Operating from the belief that everyone has these gifts and only need the right environment to help them develop, Sam helps her clients see their possibilities in their lives, relationships and businesses! Sam is a Master Coach, Teacher and International Intuitive! With a background in education, social work and over 20 years in direct sales, combined with her strong intuitive skills, Sam offers a unique ability to touch on the various facets of business and connecting with others.

Larivee Ink, Virtual Assistant Services
Kelly Bridger

Kelly Bridger is the creator of Larivee Ink, a Virtual Assistant Service. Kelly has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 20 years providing her the opportunity to develop a strong background in sales management and executive assistant administration. Her well-rounded experience represents strong analytical skills, office management, event coordination, content management and marketing, providing social media strategy and implementation, and generating website content and management. Kelly is a master storyteller. She thrives on creating and developing her client’s stories and letting that flow through all aspects of the business in unison with the client’s unique brand, making her a skilled asset that is well versed in organizing chaos.

Intuitive Stained Glass
Kim Cox

Kim Cox is a stained-glass artist and also enjoys working with healing and spiritual energies. She uses love and intuition when creating custom pieces. Each piece of glass is carefully selected to ensure that it will flow with the piece being created. She takes care in the precision and craftsmanship that goes into each piece she creates. Over the years Kim has worked on self development while working in the health care industry and has always used positive encouragement for her fellow co-workers to lift their spirits. Her soul is genuine and trusting and she brings a sense of peace and calm to her meditation classes and any energy healing she performs. With the use of Kim’s intuitive and creative abilities she is able to offer high-quality stained-glass pieces, along with different healing modalities that will facilitate your personal growth and healing to become your authentic you.

Bee Goodies by April
April Dicy

April Dicy began Bee Goodies as a work from home business, as a young stay at home Mom. What began as something that gave her a little extra money and freedom has developed to a business where you can purchase quality Bee Goodies at a great price! Bee Goodies are natural and simple products with health benefits for those who use them.  April is proud to offer love infused Bee Goodies, providing them to those who appreciate the hard work of these little Bee Creatures.

Life Coach & Speaker
Jolie Engelbrecht

Jolie is an enthusiastic and driven life coach, speaker and facilitator that is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. She bought her first retail store at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. She brings her grounded common sense and relentless optimism to everything she does. She believes being a top-notch coach includes constantly learning and discovering effective tools and is certified in some amazing modalities including Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and the FISH! philosophy. She loves to facilitate, and her workshops will help you to clarify and focus on making your dreams a reality. She is passionate about working with people who are ready to take their lives and businesses to the next level and beyond!




Psychic Medium and Healer
Elizabeth Hartmann

Elizabeth Hartmann is a Psychic Medium and Healer. She believes in empowering her clients by helping them make connections that lead to AHA moments of clarity. She works with private and corporate clients across Canada doing Readings, Creating Energy Art prints, working as a Shamanic practitioner, to address Energy Hygiene, Healing, Teaching and Speaking. Her expertise draws from a diverse educational background in Mediumship, Shamanism, personal growth, Meditation, Healing and Energy Management combined with a Degree from The Ontario College of Art and Design. She is a Spiritualist Reverend ordained by the Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale NY.




Healer, Reiki Master and Medium
Freedom Mihas

Freedom Mihas is a Healer, Reiki Master, Medium and has been a teacher for over  16 years. She creates guided meditations for children and adults. Through Reiki and hands on healings, she facilitates healing with her guides to share her innnermost light with her clients. Freedom’s ultimate goal is to allow a deceased family member, friend or pet to send messages. Freedom loves the process of healing and the journey of exploring the layers to be uncovered in this piece of healing with her clients.  


Holistic Health Consultant
Kim Player

Kim is a Holistic Health Consultant Certified in Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Iridology, Aromatherapy, Herbal Thai Stem Compress Massage, Free Soul Instruction, Certified Coach Practitioner and Reiki Level 1. Kim has noticed through the years that Relaxation, Stress Reduction and showing others compassion is essentially the most effective means of accomplishing Holistic Health for her clients. Kim acknowledges the value of mind, body, emotional and spiritual wellness and offers each individual a Unique Experience that allows her clients to feel as though their session with her has valued them and their own personal idea of what Relaxation and Stress Reduction means to them. Kim’s experience, education, natural compassion and love for Holistic Health radiates during each session. You are literally in good hands with this Relaxation Specialist.